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Friderike Scheller: Violoncello

Music from Classical to Exotic

The trio ALLEGRETTO is performing works by Haydn, Gaubert, Rosenheck, mozart, Miyagi, Debussy, Bach and others. In the first part of our concert the artists will play a traditional classical repertoire . In the second part the musicians are leaving those apths and prove their musical flexibility with mainly exotic pieces of music. The concert will be certainly an interresting evening on a high level. The musicians are living in the region of Aichach (Augsburg - Munich /Bavaria), gave international performances and produced several CDs.

Friderike Scheller:

is teaching at the public music school of the city of Aichach and member of the trio Allegretto as well as of the Chamber orchestra of Augsburg. 2009 she gave her debut with the premieres of the words of different local composers like Wolfram Oettl and Wolfgang Lackerschmid.

Dorothée Fröller:

is composer and musician with international performances. She is composing music for relaxation, her albums are published by her own lable DREAMMUSIK as well as by Neptun. They are available in the major internet stores under her artist name Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller. She is teaching music at the public music school of the city of Aichach. More about the musician and her albums you can read HERE

Wolfgang Kraemer:

is known as conductor of choirs, pianist and organist. He accompanied the successful performances of "Eliah" by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy at Aindling, Augsburg and Kissing on the piano.
Read more about him HERE


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